About us

Arise for Nigeria’ is a call for patriotism. A call for patriotic leadership and a platform where leaders are nurtured. This platform is a Movement and a convergence of brilliant minds conscious of our current state as a Nation but determined to make a difference. This movement is made up of young Nigerians of like-minds, known and soon-to-be-identified, poised to take over the world on our terms, but first we must emancipate Nigeria and Africa at large, then the world would be ours to take.

Our mission is to arouse the interest of young Nigerians who make up 60 – 70 percent of this country through insightful commentaries on current affairs, informed articles and editorials in other to inspire and motivate our generation to ‘Arise’ to the 21st century challenges bedeviling our country and Africa as a whole, as we envision a ‘new Nigeria’. This is the only panacea in the quest to realize our relevance on the global stage. We can’t stay down but stand up and be counted.

Without arrogating expertise on all issues, be rest assured that we are keen followers of events and trends. As well-informed citizens, we are here to intervein and contribute meaningfully to the development of this country. The era of ‘youths apathy’ is over, we demand a stake in the affairs of this Nation. We shall be conscientious and analytic in our approach as there are many questions to be asked and if we work together, we would not only ask but get answers.

Make no mistake about it, as a Movement we are pro-Nigeria/pro-Africa, and not for the regimes or parties. Where they do well, we will acknowledge, and condemn with recommendations where they go wrong. This platform is just the beginning, we seek to raise ‘Arise for Nigeria’ leaders across all States of the federation because we are poised to shore-up Nigeria with a drive of a positive narrative. Rallies for good governance shall be a core part of our activities as we follow keenly the dynamics in our country.  

This is a struggle for the soul of our Nation and Africa at large, for whatever affects us must have a spiraling effect on the whole continent. We implore you to join us as a like-mind on this quest. Feel free to contribute your verifiable positive ideas about Nigeria, Africa or the world through commentaries, articles and editorials, conscientiously and analytically on your favourite subjects via;  arisenigeria1960@gmail.com and we would do well to publish it on your terms (identified or anonymously).let’s Arise, it is time, God Bless Nigeria.