The biblical scene of Noah, shows that apart from Noah’s immediate family, no other person was allowed inside the ark except for animals.

Unempirical, people have often supported this act because humans are the most difficult creatures to manage and control. No wonder, we often give kudos to leaders of Western or developed countries on how they have been able to make policies, adhere to them and make their followers adhere strictly to those policies. This short write up is aimed at exploring, how old the country Nigeria is, how far it has strived to make policies and failed to adhere to it and who is to be blamed for these failures (leaders or masses).

For readers, you will notice that the caption of this work is copied from the work of Nelson Mandela and this is because the Mandela story is similar to that of Nigeria. Though Nelson Mandela fought for freedom from the white, Nigerians are fighting for freedom from Nigerians (bourgeoisie and the proletariat). You could also caption it, “how Nigerians underdeveloped Nigeria”.

Courtesy: Amazon
Nelson Mandela
Courtesy: Wikipedia

For Nelson Mandela, 27 years was a long time coming to fight for freedom but for our beloved country Nigeria, 58 years (1960 till date) of dwindling economy, political instability, ethnic crisis etc portrays nothing and show no hope for good things to come.

Currently, we are at a crucial stage in our country, “the elections”. A stage of transition, a stage of redefining our nascent democracy, a stage where we decide whether to go forward, backward or remain stagnant.

Courtesy: The Guardian

In the words of former president Goodluck Jonathan.

The choice before Nigerians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going forward or going backward; between the new ways or the old ways; between freedom or repression; between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms – and between desperate power seekers with empty promises.

Former president Goodluck Jonathan
Courtesy: Dailypost

The question is, who is to be blamed for the previous peccadilloes that has led to bad governance in our beloved country. My stand is, “the masses”. Though the government are to be blamed for not creating an enabling environment for the masses to strive fruitfully. On the other hand, the masses lack the proper orientation and lack the spirit of unity to select proper leaders and make definitive decisions, since that is the only point they can change the status quo.

Quintessentially, after 58 years of hunger and starvation, unemployment on the increase, no good amenities etc. the citizenry still engage in vote buying and selling, singing praises of corrupt political leaders and even going as far as fighting themselves to be favourite to their masters.

Courtesy: Vanguard NGR

How do we succeed if we continue in this dwindling effort and how do we make the country a better place for our children unborn? This message goes to the non-political class (lumpenproletariat) of our country, it is left for us to make the right choice this time.

E. M. Omini

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